In Delmenhorst and around the city there are different types of accommodation available including hotels, rooms and holiday homes, a campsite and rural accommodation. Please refer to the list below.

Arrangement of hotel accommodation by the organizing secretariat is highly recommended. This applies for two hotels in Delmenhorst:
the City Hotel (approx. 4.5 km from HWK) and the Hotel Thomsen (approx. 5.5 km from HWK) where you will get a special rate (direct payer at HWK rate). About two weeks prior to the workshop you would receive a confirmation where you will be accommodated.

Due to limited capacities in both hotels the ‘first come, first serve’ principal will be followed.

If you want to book a room by yourself at the City Hotel or Hotel Thomsen please indicate ‘Ra-Rn 2018’ to benefit from the HWK rate.

Or you choose another place to stay (organized by yourself):

Hotels in Delmenhorst
Hotel Goldenstedt, approx. 6 km from HWK
Hotel Baldus, approx. 6 km from HWK
Hotel Zur Riede,approx. 6 km from HWK
Hotel Gut Hasport, approx. 7 km from HWK

Rural accommodation
Hotel Hof Hoyerswege, approx. 3.5 km from HWK
Hotel Thiemann, approx. 4 km from HWK
Hotel Backenköhler, approx. 7 km from HWK

Campsite Falkensteinsee, approx. 11 km from HWK

Rooms and holiday homes
Pension Zum Burggrafen, approx. 1.5 km from HWK